About Us

Our Story

Having been vegan for around 7 years I realised that the number of vegan scale-up businesses requiring IT support was growing fast.

However, many IT services are not very green, and there is next to no focus on making sure that products like computers are vegan and ethically sourced.

In order to move to a world where veganism is the norm, we need to work together to grow and scale businesses that offer vegan alternatives, so that they become available and affordable to all.

Together we will grow the vegan sector, and ultimately out-compete the non-vegan alternatives.

Vegan and Ethical

We are a vegan-founded business and committed to climate action. There are a finite number of technology suppliers globally and it’s not always possible to use only hardware or software that is 100% ethically sourced. However, where a choice is available we will always seek to use the cleanest, greenest and most ethically sourced product.

Suppliers won’t change overnight but where choices exist, I want to make sure that vegan businesses are able to use the best available option, whilst getting the support and advice they need to grow so that we create demand for better product sourcing.

Responsive and Efficient

Using the latest systems and technology means that we are able to respond rapidly to customer queries.

Vegan and Ethical

As a vegan-led business we know how important it is to work with others that are ethically aligned wherever possible.

Highly Experienced

With over 25 years working in IT you know you’ll be in safe hands.