Technology Support for your vegan business

Discover an IT Company that shares your values.

Ongoing IT Support

Day to day management of the IT services you use in your business, with helpdesk support

One-Off Projects

Whether it’s implementing a new CRM system or purchasing new laptops, we can help

Consultancy and Advice

Advice and support on systemising and automating your business to grow capacity and reduce costs

Software Advice

Choosing the right software to grow your business is hard. There are more choices than ever and many overlapping products.

It’s all too easy to end up paying for a large number of monthly subscriptions to software that you only partially use, and often it can be difficult and stressful to research the alternatives before choosing a new product.

We’re here to help you to make those choices, to explain to pros and cons of different products, and to convert tech-speak into plain English, so that you can understand where a piece of software is going to be right for your business… before you commit to it.

Tech Support

All businesses need support from time to time, whether that’s a helpdesk to get unstuck, configuration of domain names, set-up of new users, or purchasing new laptops.

We can help with all aspects of support, including:

  • Microsoft 365 migrations
  • software configuration
  • data back-ups
  • DNS configuration
  • automations
  • user configuration
  • hardware purchasing
  • CRM set-ups
  • chatbot setup

We can also direct you to specialist services such as cyber security and GDPR advice

Vegan and Sustainable

We are a vegan-founded business and committed to climate action. There are a finite number of technology suppliers globally and it’s not always possible to use only hardware or software that is 100% ethically sourced. However, where a choice is available we will always seek to use the cleanest, greenest and most ethically sourced product.

Suppliers won’t change overnight but where choices exist, I want to make sure that vegan businesses are able to use the best available option, whilst getting the support and advice they need to grow so that we create demand for better product sourcing.

We have partnered with Circular Computing to offer a range of carbon-neutral remanufactured laptops because we believe these to strike the best possible balance between technology that works for you, and protecting the planet.

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Let’s work together to support your vegan business

We believe that by working together, all vegan businesses will become stronger.